Abresanan Kerman Company

Quality is not our slogan it’s our capital     yesterday’s pride, and tomorrow’s credibility.

Quality, as the most fundamental principle of the organization, and the greatest commitment of this company to its customers, is continuously monitored in our well-equipped laboratory throughout the production process. The quality of raw materials before production, product quality during production, and product quality after production, as well as compliance with Iranian national standards, are measured and controlled by automatic devices and skilled and efficient personnel.

This company holds standard production licenses for polyethylene pipes for water supply (INSO 14427) and irrigation (INSO 7607), as well as incentivized standards for gas pipes (INSO 11233) from the National Standards Organization of Iran.

Furthermore, this company has successfully obtained the ISO 17025 national laboratory accreditation certificate from the National Accreditation Center of Iran and provides laboratory services to the Standards Administration and other organizations and companies.